Newport Beach local movers: Choose the Best for Your Move

When it comes to moving to a new area in Newport Beach, locals may choose among seaside, inner city, and many other picturesque options. Whatever part of the city you choose, you will want your belongings to be relocated carefully and promptly. In other words, you need the best among Newport Beach local movers.

How to choose among local moving companies Newport Beach CA

Here are some points to be considered while searching for a transporting company:

  • Quality: does a company hire trained stuff or amateurs?
  • Safety: does a moving company use the appropriate equipment?
  • Confidence: does a company provide insurance?
  • Price: what is included in the quote?
  • Client support: does a transporter have a support line?
  • Reliability: does a moving company have a presentable website? Are there any reviews, and are they positive?

Answering the above questions will ensure that you choose the best local mover. The search may take you an hour or two, but still much less than relocating your things by yourself.

How much do movers cost for a local move in Newport Beach

The quote for moving services is set based on the following factors: distance, number of workers, number of trucks, the capacity of trucks, services to be provided, amount of work, amount of wrapping and packing materials used, day of the week, urgency, etc. The price for a local move in Newport Beach is established per hour, per mover, or per truck. Some companies offer service packages with fixed quotes, while others have shifting prices.

Another important point is that a mover may charge clients with implicit fees above the main price. These may include, among others, cost of consumables and documentation fees. If you want to know the exact price, you should either consult the mover about additional charges or opt for a company providing fixed quotes.

Newport Beach local movers near me

Movers Best specializes in short-distance moves in Orange County, California. We have been operating in this area since 2015, and are well acquainted with the specific features of this market.


Choosing us for your local move in Newport Beach, you choose quality and care. We offer:

  1. Full package of moving services, including disassembling, packing, transporting, unpacking, and assembling, as well as extras, such as pet-sitting services.
  2. Comprehensive client support, including 4-step online quoting, toll-free telephone advice line and face-to-face consultations.
  3. Flexible pricing. You may request 2 workers and 1 truck as a minimum, or more, if need may be, at a cost varying from $55 to $190 per hour. You may also only hire movers and use your own car for transportation.

Still, in doubt? Read our client’s reviews on Movers Best Facebook account, and join our happy clientele!